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The 100% Non-Stick Ultimate Grill Mat™ is an indispensable cooking accessory for all your grilling!

Great for grilling: Vegetables Meats Fish - fillets & tender pieces Seafood Pizza - including wood-fired Kabobs Sausages Bacon Chicken Wings Marinated foods - Sticky glazed Ribs Eggs - Pancakes and Crepes and much more!

The purchase of your Ultimate Grill Mat includes the Ultimate Baking Mat and the Ultimate Skewer, at no addional cost! Normally a $60 value!
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Use: Wash your Ultimate Grill Mat with warm soapy water before first use, rinse and dry thoroughly. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or pads. Mat requires no pre-heating on grill. Position mat flat on grill surface and place food directly on mat. Mat may be cut smaller to accommodate smaller grill sizes.
Do not use metal or sharp utensils that may scrape or tear the mat surface. Wood, plastic and silicone utensils recommended.
Clean-up and Storage: Allow mat to completely cool before removing from grill. Food residue and liquids remaining on mat may be wiped free with damp cloth. Wash mat with warm soapy water prior to storage to remove any food odor and staining. Thoroughly dry prior to storing. Store mat flat or loosely rolled - Do not fold or crease.
Cautions: For food safety and long life, clean the mat between uses. Use only at low to medium heat settings (gas, flame, electric). Wait for grill or oven to preheat and stabilize temperature prior to using mat. Mat is safe for use up to 500°F (260°C). Prolonged temperature at or above 500°F (260°C) will result in damaging the mat. Use care on Bar-b-que grills as temperatures may rise rapidly above recommended temperature and damage mat.
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Ultimate Grill Mat - Place of Purchase: QVC
Warranty includes the Ultimate Baking Mat and Ultimate Skewer

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